Bite-sized Movies

A fun twitter bot that currently tweets 150 characters from movie scripts at a time. I started this project to work on my Python programming, as well as to experiment with new APIs.

You can check out the Twitter account here.
You can check out the project here, on GitHub.

Turn-based Fighting project

This is a small on-going project. The base idea is a commandline turn-based fighting game where you fight random enemies. Its being written in Java, as this is the language I'm being taught at UoK.

You can check out the project here, on GitHub.

This website!

This website in itself is also a project, since I have been learning about web-development through uni. I plan to keep updating the website as time goes on and I learn more about different web-technologies. I've already had to dabble in setting up a webserver with NGINX and I've been experimenting with setting up a section on this site that utilizes MySQL and PHP, though I don't know when this will be added.